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Go Hotels -  the ideal place to stay when traveling as a group. We are the traveler's favorite meeting place since we are close to both Copenhagen Airport and Copenhagen City Center. Our hotels are modern & comfortable budget hotels, and with one centrally located 3-star hotel, which all creates value for money. Our hotels offer many types of stays and promotions, and here you’ll get the whole experience package.

At Go Hotels you have the opportunity to book your stay with great flexibility. Regardless of type and group size, we have many years of experience, and you can safely let us meet the group requests you may have. We are here to help you, and ensure that the logistics goes according to your plans and that everything is in place upon arrival. Group lists and room keys will be ready for delivery when checking in. Our reception is at your disposal around the clock.

For more information on offers and different group solutions, please contact us via our group inquiry form, or contact the individual hotel on phone nr: 
+45 32 52 00 30

Prices from
449 DKK

Go Hotel Copenhagen

Go Hotel Copenhagen is an ideal place to stay when traveling as a group. Whether you are on a study trip or on a business trip, you as a customer are only a few kilometers away from Copenhagen City Center and the airport..

Prices from
499 DKK

Go Hotel City

With its location central in Copenhagen S, close to Amager beach park, Metro and city, Go Hotel City is a good starting point for groups who want to explore the center of Copenhagen and who at the same time can experience the many opportunities the beach offers.

Prices from
450 DKK

Go Hotel Saga

At Go Hotel Saga our staff members are always at your service, our reception is open 24/7. We can help and guide you through your stay in Copenhagen and it’s tourist attractions. Go Hotel Saga offers a wide range of room categories, from single-, double- to family rooms and more…

Prices from
530 DKK

Go Hotel Ansgar

Whether you are in Copenhagen as a tourist or for business purposes, Go Hotel Ansgar offers a unique location in quiet surroundings in the heart of Copenhagen. The hotel's service - minded staff will be able to guide you to a good experience, whether it's refreshments at one of the cozy cafés in trendy Copenhagen or the attractive restaurant and nightlife in the meat town. With the location, there is easy access to Tivoli and all the wonderful sightseeing opportunities in the center of Copenhagen.