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Conferences & meetings in Copenhagen

Go Hotels - close to the city center and Copenhagen Airport. At our hotels you’ll get efficient meetings in modern facilities at low costs. In addition, it’s possible to purchase accommodation in connection with your meeting or conference.

At Go Hotel City & Go Hotel Copenhagen, we offer rooms with a capacity from 2 up to 30 people, ideal for conferences. Our meeting rooms are equipped with new AV equipment and good presentation facilities. Our meeting packages can meet most needs, whether you need to use the room for 4, 8, or 24 hours. We can also provide you with additional catering upon request, or meeting packages including lunch. Refreshments such as coffee, tea, cocoa and fruit will also be available for the meeting. End your day with dinner at the restaurant or drinks at the bar.

At Go Hotel Saga & Go Hotel Ansgar you can hold smaller meetings. Here you’ll be able to get refreshments for the meeting such as freshly brewed coffee, tea, cocoa and fruit. If you have special wishes, please contact our reception for further information.

All of our hotels have good parking conditions and are easy to get to by public transport.
We offer free parking at Go Hotel Copenhagen, and at Go Hotel City we offer parking spaces of DKK 100 / day. We also work with car parks in connection to Go Hotel Saga and Go Hotel Ansgar, where you get a 25% discount when contacting the reception.

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Prices from
449 DKK

Go Hotel Copenhagen

Go Hotel Copenhagen is a modern airport hotel located close to Copenhagen city center and just 5 minutes from Copenhagen Airport. With us you get comfortable accommodation at low prices with free parking and easy and quick access to public transport.

Prices from
499 DKK

Go Hotel City

Go Hotel City opens for arrivals June 2020. At the newly built Go Hotel City, you as a customer meet a modern city hotel close to Copenhagen city center. Whether you are a business traveler, a student or traveling together in different groups, our hotel is deliverable. We have modern facilities, with a service minded staff and a central location 250 meters from Amager Strandpark.

Prices from
450 DKK

Go Hotel Saga

At Go Hotel Saga our staff members are always at your service, our reception is open 24/7. We can help and guide you through your stay in Copenhagen and it’s tourist attractions. Go Hotel Saga offers a wide range of room categories, from single-, double- to family rooms and more…

Prices from
530 DKK

Go Hotel Ansgar

Whether you are in Copenhagen as a tourist or for business purposes, Go Hotel Ansgar offers a unique location in quiet surroundings in the heart of Copenhagen. The hotel's service - minded staff will be able to guide you to a good experience, whether it's refreshments at one of the cozy cafés in trendy Copenhagen or the attractive restaurant and nightlife in the meat town. With the location, there is easy access to Tivoli and all the wonderful sightseeing opportunities in the center of Copenhagen.